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Quiet Space Acoustic Air

Acoustic products ideal for offices and noisy neighbours

Acoustic Interior Solutions

Excellent acoustic properties let you enjoy the comfort of silence in all interiors without compromising the aesthetics or the design of the interior. Ideal for use in offices where the acoustics leave a lot to be desired, the wall panels also make a great addition to homes.


Quiet Space products effectively absorb sound, the secret lies in the open-cell structure of the material they are made of. Just a few pieces of Quiet Space Acoustics will transform the entire interior. Covering as little as 20 to 40% of walls with Fluffo panels will work wonders within a room with a reverberation problem. The echoes are reduced and the room becomes cosy and quiet.


A team of experienced specialists ensure the products possess the best properties as far as safety, durability and precision are concerned.


Available in many options, shapes, sizes and 54 colour options.


Soft and velvety to the touch. The acoustic air and panel elements are made up of millions of colourful polyamide microfibres glued to the surface.