Style: Contemporary Wall Panels

Contemporary interiors are characterised by their preference for sleek lines, use of natural materials, and a minimalist design approach. Quality materials and craftmanship are a must for contemporary style with neutral colour palettes often dominating the interior. Our below contemporary wall panels embody quality, craft and minimalism with many natural wood options available.

Form At Wood

Luxury 3D Solid Wood Panel Shapes
  • Beautiful oak, ash and walnut solid wooden 3d and 2d shapes.
  • Create a full wall with the panels or a style pattern.
  • Sustainably sourced.
  • Handcrafted by experts.
  • Multiple oak stains and paints available.

Each panel is 25cm along each edge.

Easily apply to a prepared wall or surface with quality high grab adhesive.

Finium Skandi

A Range Of Quality Wooden Contemporary Wall Panels From Finium.
  • A range of 11 stylish geometric panel options.
  • Sustainable wood panels with a zero waste policy.
  • Highest quality.
  • Larger panels for quicker installation.
  • Oak and walnut wood options.

Most popular designs: Vogh and Skwair.

See individual panels for dimensions. Each panel is on the larger side for a quick installation. Exact measurements can be found in our Finium catalogue.

If in doubt, consult an experienced joiner.
Small domestic projects: High grab adhesive & caulking gun, guided circular saw, level, measuring tape, nails and hammer/nail gun.
For large or commercial projects: High grab adhesive & caulking gun, electric mitre saw, table saw, level, measuring tape, cutter, nail gun (#23 gauge finish nail) and stepladder.
Application: High grab adhesive, for our recommended adhesive, contact us for a quote. Nails also if the project requires (if in doubt use nails).

Versatile Veneers

Geometric Wood Veneer Panels.
  • Geometric wood veneer panels paired with the simplicity of plain wood panels. An ideal choice for contemporary wall panels.
  • Japanese inspired shapes.
  • Large panels.
  • Ample design choices.

Each panel is H 240cm x W 60cm x D 1.32cm.

Install using Z bar hangers, or on the patterned panels screw into black sections of the panels into a sound structure using black screws.

Teak Walls: Arrow, Blend and Hill

Embrace The Natural Beauty Of Rescued Teak Wall Panels To Add Warmth To Your Contemporary Interior.

Products: See Arrow, Blend and Hill from the Teak Wall range.

  • Made from Reclaimed Teak.
  • Eco-friendly panels made from old, traditional Javanese houses and fishing boats that have reached the end of their original use.
  • No trees cut.
  • Easy to install.

Dependant on below panel choice.

Hill: Panel Size : 200mm x 1000mm | Thickness: Between 20-30mm

Arrow: 300mm x 300mm | Thickness: 20mm

Blend: 300mm x 600mm | Thickness: Between 30-40mm

Install with high grab adhesive.

Lynes Pro

Thick Slatted Wall Panels With The Option For Hidden Integrated Lighting.
  • Hidden LED slat lighting possible.
  • Choose how many light up slats you want on a wall of slats.
  • Applied onto a grid wall system for a perfect professional slatted wall every time.
  • Luxury contemporary wall panels in faux woods, concretes and marbles.

This slat system can be made to any width. Each slat length is 270cm, these can be cut down.

Professional install recommended especially if including LEDs.

Play Video

Installation Demonstration Video — 3 minutes

Aqua Slats

Waterproof Slatted Panels.
  • Simple contemporary lined design.
  • Waterproof.
  • Smooth 3D Surfaces that are easy to clean.
  • Floor to ceiling panels thanks to the height of 270cm.

Lengths of 270cm for floor to ceiling installation without joints.

Medio Design: Includes 3 slats. H 270cm x W 12.1cm x D 1.2cm.

Easy to install with high grab adhesive. The panels overlap for an easily flawless finish.

Upholstered Panels

Soft Cushioned Panels Ideal For Bed Headboards, Backrests or Wall Decor
  • Contemporary panels ideal for bedrooms and areas of the homes.
  • Easy to install. This is as there is no cutting required, simply use high grab adhesive or Velcro to adhere to wall.
  • Variety of shapes, materials and colours.

Dependant on panel choice.

Install easily with high grab adhesive or Velcro. To illustrate and find out more, see the installation guide within the Upholstered Panel Catalogue.

Mardom Indirect Lighting

Finesse A Contemporary Interior With Light Up Wall Coving, Skirting And / Or Moulding.
  • Superior quality coving, skirtings and mouldings.
  • Light Guard technology meaning light will not penetrate through the moulding
  • Primed ready to easily paint.
  • Lightweight minimal designs.
  • Made for use with LED light strips. (Not provided).

200cm lengths.

Installed with high grab adhesive. Easy to cut and install.

Prorac 3D Panels

3D Contemporary Wall Panels Primed Ready To Be Painted Any Colour.
  • A variety of contemporary wall panels primed ready to paint.
  • Paint any colour.
  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Lightweight panels.

Varies between each design.

Quoted with required adhesive. Very easy to install and only basic equipment required.

Pattern Panels: Wood Effects

Contemporary Easy To Clean Wood Effect Wall Panels.

Products: See Wood Effect from the Pattern Panel range.

  • Contemporary wall panels in a  selection of flat, smooth wood effect options.
  • Waterproof.

135cm x 29.5cm

Easy and quick install with high grab adhesive.