Brick, Stone and Chic Antique FAQs

The frequently asked questions below relate to our Faux Bricks, Faux Stones: stone, slate and rock panels, Industrial Panels and Chic Antique Panels.

How big are the panels?

These are extra large format panels. Each range differs slightly but the Brick, Stone and Rock panels are approximately 3.3m width x 1.3m height. They are one of the biggest panels around!

Our Chic Antique panels are slightly smaller approximately 2.6m Width x 1.3m Height (approx average size depending on the design).

What are the panels made from?

The brick and stone panels are made from resin with natural brick/stone mixed in. This finish is on fibreglass which gives the panels the strength. The materials used make the panels extra realistic and extra strong!

Are samples available?

For samples we have two options, our free virtual samples and our sample loaning system.

Virtual Samples

We have a large selection of virtual samples available on our Youtube page. See the playlists for brick, stone, slate, rock.

If you can’t see the one you are looking for, please contact us.

Sample Loan Policy

We have some physical samples we can loan at a refundable cost. Due to the limited amount we loan them to ensure we receive them back once you no longer require them. We can then loan them out to the next client and then the service is effectively of no cost. Please note not every panel option is available. For more information please enquire.

What is the lead time?

For all stone and brick wall panels in stock delivery is less than 2 weeks. For those to be ordered in delivery is 6-8 weeks.

How do I receive a quote on these panels?

For a quote please fill in the enquiry form and a member of our team will get back to you asap.

For a quote we require;

  • Your wall dimensions (or how many panels you require)
  • Your postcode as due to the size these are a special order product.
  • The panel code of interest if you have a preference at this point.
  • If you would like to also ask about suitability of the panels for your project or any additional questions please feel free to add to the form.

How are these panels delivered?

Due to the sheer size of these panels they must have special delivery from us Рthey cannot be sent by courier. This is one of the reasons why we require your postcode for quotation on these particular panels. Please let us know about any parking or off loading restrictions. If  you live in a clean air zone / restricted area please also inform us.

How are they installed?

These panels are best fit by a joiner based tradesman. The panels cut very easily with a guided circular saw. They are a very fast installation, which offsets the initial price of the panels. Joint filler and touch up paints will be provided with the panels. These panels are screwed into the wall (not glued).

Some of the more intense 3D shapes such as the Rock panels have slightly different installation guidance which we can provide more information on.

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