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Serious craftsmanship in truly innovative, consistently high quality products

Finium is a Canadian company who specialise in sustainable high-quality and high-design wooden wall coverings. Join architects and interior designers in adding a unique touch to your next commercial or domestic architectural project with the highest of standards wooden wall panels. Every step of the production chain is backed by a continuous quality control process.

Like most of our portfolio, Finium wall panels are well suited to the Commercial Design sector, although perfectly at home in any residence. From feature walls, to overall interior cladding, the wooden panels are sure to add a depth of luxury and interest to any interior.

Eight beautiful collections compliment the portfolio Classik, Evolution, Harvest, Hecolo, Noble, Onata, Skye and if you’re looking for Scandinavian style wall panels we can also offer you Skandi Koncepts by Finium.


Part of the One Tree Planted Foundation. Finium is committed to making monthly donations and planting a tree for each order it ships.


At every step of their manufacturing process, they do their best to optimise the use of wood. No part of the tree is wasted, all the production residues are processed and reused.


The trees are from sustainably managed forests.


100% of the varnishes and oils they use are continuously recycled and reused throughout the production cycle.


They use post-industrial wood waste in their manufacturing process.


Low VOC natural oil and solvent-free 100% solids UV coating.


The objective of Finium is to become known as an eco-responsible manufacturer of wall panels, made primarily from Canadian Hardwoods. So how is this achieved? Finium hardwood wall panels are made from carefully selected hardwood sources, then they use all the waste hardwood from selected responsible industry partners, and create stunning 3D and 2D pre-finished panels from a natural product.

They are meticulous, inspecting every shipment of quality wood before production and wood moisture content is measured.  Boards are accurately measured before being cut into planks of varying widths. They then follow a carefully controlled sanding process that produces a flawless look and feel.

Whilst assembling the panels, the individual planks, the spacing between plank, even the exact amount of adhesive—no detail is overlooked in our inspection process. This meticulous assembly allows the wood to expand naturally without affecting the appearance of the finished product.

Finium are true mixologists when it comes to creating and perfecting colour stains for their products when required. They then only use 100% natural oils and solvent-free 100% solids UV coatings.

    4 – 6 weeks | 1 -2 weeks if stock is available here on our online shop

Classik Wooden Wall Range

Finium carefully match the stains with each of the tones inherent in the natural grain of the maple.

Brisbane: Maple | Blanco: White oak | Dakar: Red oak | Walnut: Walnut

Noble Reclaimed Wooden Wall Range

Countryside: Reclaimed barn wood | Hillside: Reclaimed barn wood |  Hayloft: Reclaimed barn wood | Sheepfold: Reclaimed barn wood | Brace: Reclaimed barn wood | Breezeway: Reclaimed barn wood

Virtual sample videos available of: Hayloft,Brace

Prestige Wooden Wall Range

Harvest Wooden Wall Range

Finium’s collection ‘Harvest’ is based on the rough and textured look. The Harvest decorative wall collection is inspired by the style of old barn wood. Its architectural aesthetic boasts a unique rustic texture with no repeating patterns created using a haphazard sanding process. Raw fibers, saw marks, and knots are left visible. Oversized planks in consistent widths let all the details and colour nuances in the wood come through.

Upland: White oak | Summit: Walnut | Valley: White oak

Thickness: 11.5mm & 13.5mm

Evolution Wooden Wall Range

A contemporary and streamlined take on the Classik collection. it has the same stackstone-type pattern but with wider slats and a more subtle 3D effect.

Szary: Maple | Alb: Maple

Skye Wooden Wall Range

Torrin: Pine | Talisker: Ceder | Hillock: Ceder

Onata Wooden Wall Range

Antique: White oak | Nogal: Walnut

Hecolo Wooden Wall Range

The three types of Hecolo wood offer different visual experiences.

Hecolo Edinburgh Hecolo is a textured wood ideal for a highlighting strong contrasts. San Francisco Hecolo is named after the veil effect the wood gives not unlike the famed fog of San Francisco. An ideal backdrop in your office, café/restaurant or reception area. While Sao Paolo Hecolo is a mixture of amber, gold and brown tones. The effect is of the setting of the sun captured in wood, perfect for winding down.

Edinburgh: Mixed wood | Sao Paola: Mixed wood | San Francisco: Mixed wood


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