Oak & Walnut 3D Wood Wall Panels By Form At Wood

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Beautiful oak and walnut 3D wooden shapes precisely cut with hand finishing

UK national agent of the premium 3D wood wall panels selection from award winning Form At Wood in Poland. The panels are made from a two-layer material – solid wood and waterproof plywood. Each panel is beautifully made from the highest quality wood from European sustainable forestry. Manufactured with modern computer technology ensuring precise processing and the highest quality finished piece. Each panel is prepared and then hand-finished by carpenters with the greatest care.


These 3D wood wall panels improve the acoustics of interiors. The panels have sound-dispersing properties thanks to the 3D shapes used.


Award winning product. Latest Awards: iF Design Award 2021, Good Design Award 2020, German Design Award 2021.


Easy to install, installation does not require any specialist tools or machinery.


All products are made of the highest quality materials from sustainable forest management.


3D CAD models available upon request.


Each panel is precisely cut with modern computer technology and hand finished with the highest quality workmanship.


5 Beautiful oak wood stain finishes available, plus new walnut finish and bespoke options also available.  If your clients project requires a particular RAL colour or finish this can be achieved. All panels are finished with satin oil.


Each panel type is the same measurements allowing you to combine several of the Form At Wood shapes together. Regardless of the panel shape, each have a side length of 25 cm.


Form At Wood panels are handmade in a multi-stage process from carefully selected materials. The first stage is selecting and preparing the wooden plank material where it is cut on a saw to the appropriate size. The next stage is rough machining using digital technology. Modern technology, appropriate templates and programs that have been developed and improved over the years allow them to provide a shape that is always well-fitting.

Then the pure hand-made work process begins. Each wood panel – piece by piece, is hand sanded. 3D shapes are not easy to sand by hand, so technical skills are essential. After all panels are sanded, they proceed to the painting process. Using natural hard oil waxes and decorative oils to paint and protect the panels’ coating. Then all panels must dry on special racks so that the oil is properly absorbed into the wood structures. When the panels are ready, the last process is polishing. Once again, piece by piece, the panels are polished. To achieve some colours, we have to repeat the whole process twice sometimes three times.

‘Such a multi-stage process allows us to obtain the highest quality panels, which are created according to the idea of ​​our company – designed to touch.’

    Please enquire, dependent on production line as the panels are made bespoke and are hand-finished

2D Triangle / 3D Pyramid Wall Panel

A panel with an equilateral triangle profile available in two designs, a 2D triangle and 3D Pyramid. Arrangement in the form of a pattern as well as the entire wall. 1sqm = 38pcs.

Thickness: 25mm Side width: 25cm Wood type: oak / American walnut
No symmetry, the surface is refracted at three different angles.
Virtual sample videos available of: Pyramid
Thickness: 15mm Side width: 25cm Wood type: oak

2D Square / 3D Pillow Wall Panel

A square profile panel available in two designs, a 2D Square and 3D Pillow. Possibility of arrangement in a checkered layout of grains. 1sqm = 16pcs.

Thickness: 30mm Side width: 25cm Wood type: oak / American walnut
Five asymmetrical planes refracted at different angles.
Virtual sample videos available of: Pillow
Thickness: 10mm Side width: 25cm Wood type: oak

3D Diamond Wall Panel

An equilateral rhombus profile panel. 1sqm = 19pcs. Mixes well with the 2D Caro.

3D Diamond: thickness: 25mm Side width: 25cm Wood type: oak
Geometric diamond-like form. Many surfaces that refract light and disperse sound.
Virtual sample videos available of: 3D Diamond

3D Caro Plus and Minus Wall Panels

Caro is an equilateral rhombus profile panel available in threes designs; 3D Caro Plus, 3D Caro Minus and Caro. 1sqm = 19pcs.

Thickness: 30mm Side width: 25cm Wood type:  oak / American walnut
A soft delicate smooth form.
Virtual sample videos available of: Caro Plus
Thickness: 30mm Side width: 25cm Wood type:  oak / American walnut
A soft delicate smooth form.
Virtual sample videos available of: Caro Minus
2D Flat Shape. Mixes well with the 3D Diamond, Caro Plus and Caro Minus wall panels.
Thickness: 15mm Side width: 25cm Wood type: oak


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