How To Order

Love our products and wondering how to order from us?


You can either enquire or you can order direct through our online shop for certain items. (For all products in which we can quote for without an enquiry, these can be found on our online shop. Each product within our brand pages will mention if it is available on the shop). We recommend trade or those with large orders enquire.


Step 1 Enquire

At the bottom of every page is a link to our enquiry page, this is the best way to contact us. For us to provide an estimate we need a little more detail.

What do we need from you?

Wall dimensions – We need this to provide you with a quote. Many of our panels are made bespoke or ordered in bespoke so pricing is calculated based on your enquiry.

Postcode – We need to know if this to have an idea on delivery. If you’re local dependent on the product we can off discount if collected.


Step 2 Further Details & Invoice

Once we get back with your estimate, if you would like to go ahead and order let us know. We may ask for further details and provide you with an invoice payable by bank transfer.

If at any point you would like further information, our friendly team are here to help.

Once payment has been receive we will process your order.


Need installation?

Depending on the install project and location we may be able to offer an install service. For local install projects Wayne our recommended installer may also be the man for your job. For other projects we recommend using a trusted joiner. Many of our panels only require basic tools and a good high grab adhesive, if your unsure if it’s a job you can do yourself ask us for more information on how to install.