Style: Light Up Wall Panels

Lynes Pro

Option For Light Integrated Slatted Panels
  • Hidden LED slat lighting possible.
  • Choose how many light up slats you want on a wall of slats.
  • Applied onto a grid wall system for a perfect professional slatted wall every time.
  • 11 slat options to choose from. Faux woods, concretes and marbles possible.

This slat system can be made to any width. Each slat length is 270cm, these can be cut down.

Professional install recommended especially if including LEDs.

Play Video

Installation Demonstration Video — 3 minutes

Smart Panel Luxury Light Ups

Luxury Made To Measure 2D Backlight-able Panels In 100s Of Designs
  • 3 luxury light up options to choose from. One is a DIY option where just the glass panel is provided, another is the glass panel with integrated backlighting included, the third is backlit light integrated option that with LED technology, creates spectacular effects through plays of light and colour variations.
  • Made to measure. Each panel can be a maximum of 300cm x 150cm.
  • Made bespoke. The design altered to suit your dimensions and the measurements can be requested down to the millimetre.

Made to measure. Each panel can be a maximum of 300cm x 150cm and any dimension in-between. Additional panels can seamlessly follow.


Mardom Lightable Coving, Skirting & Wall Moulding

Lightable Coving, Skirting And Wall Moulding Profiles
  • Superior quality coving, skirtings and mouldings.
  • Light Guard technology meaning light will not penetrate through the moulding
  • Primed ready to easily paint.
  • Lightweight.
  • Made for use with LED light strips. (Not provided).

200cm lengths

Apllied with high grab adhesive. Easy to cut and install.