Backlit Wall Panels: Luxury Light Ups

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Backlit Wall Panels – Luxury Light Up Options

There is 3 luxury light up options to choose from as well as our standard Smart Panels.

Decora Glass

A laminated glass panel. With this option you add your own backlighting, of the 3 options this is the most cost effective. Backlighting elements not included.

You don’t need to add lighting to this option. The beautiful glass finish is very effective without it.

Decora Glass is available in two options. An 8.7mm thick option ideal for walls, and a 4mm option ideal for furniture.

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Decora Glass Backlit

Also laminated glass except this wall panel option is integrated with a backlit lighting system.

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Decora LED Backlit PRO

Similar to Decora Glass Backlit wall panels however this design is a step up. A backlit light integrated option that with LED technology, creates spectacular effects through plays of light and colour variations. Completely programmable and manageable through a controller or a mobile app. This option offers an excellent light and colour rendering with a low energy consumption.

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Light Up Panel Designs

Below is a selection of panel designs possible as backlit wall panels, to see all options browse our Smart Panel and Light Up Panel pattern catalogue.

Decora Glass – Applied Without Lighting

Below is a few examples of the Decora Glass options applied without lighting included. To see all panel design options browse our Smart Panel and Light Up Panel pattern catalogue.


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