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3D rustic sustainable cork available as wall coverings or wall art from Portugal by Magna Natura.

Each Magna Natura cork panel is unique and unrepeatable. This is due to the beautiful natural irregularities of cork wood. Carefully made by hand, these sustainable wall coverings and wall art pieces are impossible to be industrialised. Real eco-friendly cork in its natural state, colours and texture.


Corkwood,  commonly known “Portuguese Jewel” is vegetarian textile that is 100% natural.


100% sustainable, not only because it is pure cork that is extracted without harming the tree, which remains alive and regenerating for generations, but also by using pieces of cork from the production of stoppers.



The bark of the cork oak (quercus suber) which is not suitable to produce the cork stoppers is used. Until the Natura panels the Quercus suber was crushed to particles to make the granulated cork, Natura Cork offers a much more eco friendly solution.


The material is a natural thermic isolator and fire resistant.


The coverings are treated with an exclusive Magna Natura formulation, which reinforces the natural waterproofing capacity of cork, the antifungal capacity and resistance to UV rays.


Unique acoustic benefits that only authentic cork can offer.

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Natural Cork Products

XL Cork QR Code For Businesses

A 3D cork wall hanging QR code which can direct clients to your website, menu, shop and more. This product gives the option to have your businesses logo or artwork produced below the QR code. You can also have the product as is or we can look to frame it like we have for our showroom.

Wall Panel & Wall Art Designs

Wall Panel or Wall Art. Each design is available as either a wall panel or wall art. Wall panels are sold per sqm for covering walls. Wall art includes the boards ready to hang in the wall like a painting or a mirror, the standard size is 80 x 120 cm but can be bespoke in multiples of 40cm.

Quercus Wall Panels & Artwork

Woll Wall Panels & Artwork

Woll is inspired by wall stone cladding of shale houses in remote village within Portugal. An extraordinary wall cladding design where the chunky cork provides acoustic benefits.

Rouf Wall Panels & Artwork

The most rustic Natura cork wall design as it shows the roughest face of the authentic cork with the texture of natural bark.

Scales Wall Panels & Artwork

Beautiful pieces of hand selected flat cork cut into rectangular shapes has been overlapped and applied to a cork backing, creating a dynamic eco wall you can run your hands across lifting up each piece to reveal the underside of the cork. Available in 3 colour options light, dark and mixed.

X Cork Wall Panels & Artwork

Entirely handmade panel design created by interwoven strips of pure authentic cork. Inspired by typical Portuguese woven basketry.

Zebra Wall Panels & Artwork

Strips of 100% natural beautiful cork hand-arranged to resemble the walls of wooden cabins – clapboards of Portuguese wooden fishermen’s huts. The design is not only acoustically beneficial but also enables you to hide the joints of the cork panels, avoiding a mosaic effect.

Corbu Wall Panels & Artwork

Portuguese Side Walk Wall Panels & Artwork

Created from small squares of authentic cork with random thicknesses. This panel is an interpretation of unique Portuguese pedestrian pavements assembled piece by piece by the master pavers. In Portugal in 1498 King D. Manuel I ordered the streets of Lisbon to be paved to allow the African white rhinoceros to walk without getting its paws dirty in the mud. Since then, these decorative patterns have become an icon of Portuguese culture.


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