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Panel Of The Month (POTM):

Form At Woods 3D Pillow Panels As Wall Art


We love how the Form At Woods Pillow panels look when applied as artwork. You don’t need to commit to a full wall of Form Of Wood panels if you don’t want to. Just a few pieces of these high-end panels applied as artwork make such an impact and create a beautiful focal point. This is why we decided to select the panel as our August Panel of the Month winner.


FORM AT WOOD panels don’t need to cover the entire wall to create a visual effect. You can just use a few single pieces and that solution could also bring some warmth & natural beauty to your space. Michal, Form At Wood.


Each of the Form At Wood panels is made from real sustainably sourced wood and can be made from either ash, oak, or walnut. The ash being the most budget-friendly. The oak is the most flexible as it is available in 5 colour stains plus custom colours. Lastly the luxury walnut wood which is a premium option. There is also a 2D version of the panel called Square.  

Each piece of Form At Wood is made in Poland with the highest attention to detail – see a short video of the creation of Form At Wood panels.

 Each piece of the Pillow is a 25cm square which can easily be applied to a wall with high-grab adhesive. No cutting, screwing into walls or effort involved. The 2D Square can look very effective mixed in with the Pillows. Another good reason to do this panel is it can help to reduce the cost of your wall art.

A person holding one of the 25cm edged 3d Pillow wooden wall art panels

The best part about using the Pillow panels is that they can be applied in any configuration on your walls (and even furniture). We along with Form At Wood can help advise with your design, so if you’re ever unsure please feel free to ask.

Wall Art Ideas Using The Pillow Panels

Below are some of our favourite client projects and configurations of the Pillow Panels.

Large Square / Rectangular Wall Art

We absolutely LOVE this layout, it never fails to look stunning. This is one of our favourite client projects where the Pillow panels have been used. A simple square/rectangle made up of the Pillow panels adds texture and dynamic to otherwise standard stairs. The dynamic mixture of the 3D Pillow panels and 2D Square panels adds an extra element. This look could be applied in your home with as many or as few panels across and high.

Black 3d wooden wall art created using 63 Pillow panels and 36 Square panels. The panels together form a large square piece of wall art on a staircase.

Here the oak version of the 3d Pillow and 2D Square have been used in a black varnish.

Below is another example of a large rectangular piece of artwork representing using the panels in a lighter colour choice such as Ash wood.

A large piece of wooden wall art created with the 2d Square and 3d Pillow panels

Create a large piece of wall art

Smaller Repeated Square / Rectangular Wall Art

When adding several small pieces of wall art, multiples of 3 look very effective.

A CAD showing the small 3d Pillow and small 2d Square panels combined making up 3 pieces of wooden artwork on a cafe wall.

3 pieces of rectangular wall art created using the Pillow and Square panels

Gallery Wall Art

Have fun creating a gallery wall style piece of art. Gallery walls don’t require a grand space to make an impact.

Square 3d shaped wooden wall art panels used to create a gallery wall

Gallery wall art using the Pillow Panels

Find Out More

Find out more about our Form At Wood Panels and view all the options available. For quotes please contact us with how many panels you would require of the 3d Pillow panels and the 2d Square panels, the finish (ash, oak or walnut) and your postcode.