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Panel Of The Month (POTM):

Chic Antique Wall Panels In Brown And Gold – Most Loved In Bars and Restaurants


Voted This Month’s POTM (Panel Of The Month) for a good reason, the Chic Antique panels work excellent as a vintage bar front!

Whilst not on a particular panel as such, we would like to highlight the Chic Antique panels in the brown with gold detailing colourway.

We have found this style and colour option to be well-loved by our bar and restaurant clients who have found them to be a perfect pairing with industrial decor. These vintage-style panels are particularly popular when installed on bar fronts.

Chic Antique brown and gold panels used on a bar front

Chantilly Chic Antique Wall Panel 722

Why Are They Perfect For Bar Fronts?

Aside from looking impressive, the Chic Antique panels have a lot of practical benefits.

1. They’re Extra Strong

These panels are constructed with strong and durable materials which means can take a fair whack! Made from resin on fibreglass the panels are highly resilient and can withstand significant impact without damage.

2. They’re Easy To Clean

Additionally, these panels are easy to clean in case of spills or accidents during the night. Our bar and restaurant clients greatly value this type of panel for its reliability and low maintenance requirements.

3. They’re Quick To Install

From an installation point of view, the extra large size they are provided in makes it incredibly efficient for just one person to install. Once cut to your required size, you simply and safely screw them to your bar front. To ensure a seamless finish, any joints or screw holes can be covered with the touch-up paint that we provide. As long as the surface you are screwing the panels into is sound and you double-check your measurements before any cutting, you can’t go wrong with these panels.

A restaurant with brown and gold Chic Antique vintage style panels installed behind the green seating

Chantilly Chic Antique Wall Panel 722

3 Chic Antique Bar And Restaurant Panel Tips

1. Pair Vintage With Industrial

The vintage look is a timeless aesthetic that pairs perfectly against different styles especially industrial décor! The combination of vintage and industrial creates a unique look, blending the charm of yesteryears with the raw and rugged.

Industrial style bar area where the Chic Antique panels are installed on the bar front. The panels are lit with led lights.

Chic Antique Windsor Wall Panel 700 Used By Our Client Strike Bowling

2. Add Led Lighting

Include some LED lighting under your vintage bar front to make the panels really shine.

A bar front clad with Chic Antique panels. The panels are lit from above with led light strips.

Chantilly Chic Antique Wall Panel 722

3. Bars, Walls & Ceilings

They also work a treat in other areas of bars and restaurants, from walls to the ceiling! As long the surface they are being screwed into is structurally sound.

Find Out More

Love the look and would like to apply the vintage style Chic Antique panels to your Bar, Restaurant or any interior? Please contact us with more information about your project. For quotes we will just need how many panels you would require or your wall dimensions and your postcode.

Find out more about the Chic Antique range.