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Today Gary is showcasing some of the coving lighting options (halo lighting as Gary calls it) available from our range of Prorac panels. See below for a Designer Walls showroom video of the Prorac indirect lighting coving options available.

About Prorac LED Coving Lighting


See the video on Youtube.

The Prorac Lighting Profiles

The Prorac panels offer a new stylish way to create coving lighting by using their sturdy coving light profiles.

The brand is Orac, however we call it Prorac. This is because it is a professional installation product – hence PROrac. We typically recommend a joiner/fitter to install these profiles as you want a perfect installation. The cutting of the angles in corners can be a little tricky if this is new to you, plus they will need painting after. If you are local to us in Bolton, Greater Manchester this is something we could possibly do for you (or recommend a trusted installer) depending on the project.

There are so many choices of Prorac LED profiles. You can use them upside down so they are shining down or shining up against the ceiling or wall. You can also combine different coving to create an entirely new style. A well as other coving, it can also be combined with other wall panels from the Prorac range.

The Prorac LED Coving profiles provide a housing for your LED strips. If you need help selecting or ordering LED strips let us know as this is something we can also advise on our recommended choices and even provide you with. We are around to give you any help if you need it.

LED Drivers

One thing to consider with coving lighting is your drivers. For the larger coving products the drivers can sit nice and hidden inside them, for the smaller coving options you will need to think carefully about where you would hide them. They are a bit of a pain in the backside. If it’s a long run you may need quite a big driver, do you want an RGB one or a white light, does it need to be remote controlled, a little consideration is needed with what you want your lighting to be like and where these drivers will be hidden

Any Colour Finish

A good thing to remember is that the Prorac Coving products come primed in a smooth finish ready for you to paint any colour you like with any quality brand of interior paint.

Also, a good thing to note is we always quote with the adhesives recommended for the Prorac products. We always recommend using the Prorac adhesives which have been made specifically for these panels.

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