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Hidden Doors For Bars, Storage, Home Cinemas, Walk-in Wardrobes, & More

A quirky showstopper to add to your interior could be a hidden door, also known as a jib door. This is where a door leading to a room or stealth storage space is disguised. A secret space can be disguised in any number of clever ways the most well-known being a bookcase unit that might slide open. 

Historical Secret Doors

Hidden doors are seen throughout history and are fascinating. Egyptians used them in pyramids to hide burial chambers and secret doors were common in medieval castles as a means of escape or transporting treasures. The Queen of England was even said to have her very own secret jib door at Buckingham Palace!

Creating Hidden Doors Today

A modern take on a secret door is one that incorporates panels and art – something that detracts the eye away from the edges of the door making a room’s entrance fade into the backdrop.

Speakeasys Within Bars & Restaurant

Today they have been growing in popularity and being used in bars and restaurants. There is a growing trend of secret bars where you need to be in the know to locate the bar. A modern-day speakeasy packed with character and homage to 1920’s prohibited drinking holes.

An example of one of these is the Science & Industry in Manchester. The Science & Industry is a secret place to get unique drinks inside the Cane & Grain bar completely hidden away behind a hidden door that blends right in with the wood-panelled walls of the American-themed bar. From our range, our Chic Antique panels would be a perfect addition for any bar looking to create a speakeasy! 

Speakeasy bar behind Jib door in The Cane & Grain


Within homes secret doors are utilised for disguising areas for fun adding a sensational piece of design that will always impress, creating a secluded quiet place to unwind or a space for safety. You can use hidden doors for things such as storage areas, cupboards, home cinemas, walk-in wardrobes, and secret chill-out rooms.

If you are looking to achieve a secret space using wall panels to cleverly disguise an entrance, below we have a few examples of projects using our panels to show you that you might like.

A Concealed Entrance With 3D Panels

The Form at Wood panels have been cleverly used to create a hidden entranceway. The door has been intentionally made the same width as 8 of the Form At Wood Pyramid panels. This is so no cuts have been needed to be made in the panels making it a perfectly concealed secret door.

Opened black 3d triangular door. Black 3d wooden triangles are used on this hidden entrance door and surrounding walls. The only indication that this is an entrance is the sculptural black handle.

Hidden Kitchen Storage With A Slat Design

The hidden kitchen storage is created using the Lynes Pro panels which can include led panels as another bonus. Slats are a great way to create a hidden door as the outline of the door is disguised in between the 3d lines.

A secret kitchen pantry area has been created with the slatted Lynes Pro panels. Here the door is closed and it looks like a stylish wall with LED lights. A secret kitchen pantry area has been created with the slatted Lynes Pro panels. Here the door is open and there is LED slats visible.

Secret Home Cinema

This one has been create using our Form At Wood panels in a VERY stylish home cinema room.

Project Credit: The talented Lehner Akustik AG in Switzerland.

Closed secret door. Here the Form At Wood 3d Diamond shaped panels are applied to the door and surrounding walls in a abstract pattern. The hidden Diamond panel door has been pushed open.

Disguise A Door With 2D Designs

2D panels such as this Smart Panel can also be used to create hidden doors. Here the doorway could easily be mistaken for a large piece of art. When pushed it reveals a walk in wardrobe.

A disguised door to a walk-in wardrobe. The doors are sliding and are covered with two 2d grey precious stone designs.

Ideal For All Sized Interiors

You don’t need to live in a large mansion to create a hidden door. Hidden doors are very useful in smaller spaces in that they help to reduce visual clutter. For example, if you have a small living room with several doors to other rooms and storage spaces, disguising a door would help the room to feel more cosier and homely.

Here the Clever Wall Murals in the leafy Fitzcarraldo design are cleverly used to help break up space in a one bedroom apartment.

How About The Opposite To A Secret Door?

If there isn’t the space or need for a secret door within your interior project and you like the idea of creating an illusion, you could always take the opposite approach. You could give the illusion of a door, passageway or space that isn’t there! Our Affreschi 2D plaster murals do this exceptionally well!

How To Create A Hidden Door?

If unsure we recommend working with a joiner as they will have specialist knowledge on how to create a hidden door. Aspects will be needed to be considered for example using the right hardware such as invisible hinges, how would placing panels on the door affect its ability to open if it’s a hinge door, and how will you open the concealed door – push door, leaver, etc?  If you would like to use our panels within your project, please contact us. We would love to hear of your project and advise on our panels.