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Form At Wood Giving Back To Nature

At Designer Walls we value our sustainable products highly and only supply certified wood and cork products, the origin of the panels is very important to us. We also only supply the best products as we believe they should last, you will find no fast-fashion here!

Our Designer Walls team love it when our brands go that step further in terms of the environment. We applaud the eco-conscious brilliant team behind the stunning Form At Wood panels who have done just that in their efforts to be as sustainable as possible, they are planting trees themselves. Another reason why Form At Wood is one of our favourite products to work with. They are constantly looking for ways to grow, from expanding the wood range they use, new product ranges and looking at the sustainability of their products.

Play Form At Woods latest video above to see what they are doing to take care of future generations.

“We want to use this modest gesture to convey to nature what we take away from it. We plan to participate in this pro-ecological campaign every year.” Mateusz Halek, Form At Wood

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