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The Journey Of Cork Wall Panels

Cork wall panels have come a long way since their inception that’s for sure.

When we suggest cork as a wall material our clients often physically shudder, picturing back to how the material was an interior design favourite back in the 1970s. The days of kitsch 1970s cork and vile varnished cork tiles.

But we promise you, things have come a long way since then! Cork is no longer just functional.

In the early days of cork wall design, the panels were often made from recycled wine corks. Today, we can offer a unique sustainable and BEAUTIFUL collection of cork wall panels that are instead made of sustainable corkwood (quercus suber). This is made possible by manufacturers such as Portugals savvy cork experts Natura Cork who have sustainability and the beauty of cork at the forefront of their minds.

The use of the corkwood and refined manufacturing techniques takes cork to a present-day interior option. From a functional dated design fad to an entirely new unique, and beautiful material.

Natural cork wall art on a grey wall with 2 yellow chairs

Natura Cork: Scales Wall Art Option

(New) Cork Is Back

In the past few years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of cork walls. It is now a stunning eco-friendly choice of wall panel finding its home in restaurants, bars, offices, and homes due to its brilliant properties such as sound insulation.

3D natural cork wall panels on the walls within a stylish restaurant

Natura Cork: Woll Panels

Today’s extremely sustainable material has advanced into a trendy eco-friendly option of wall covering designers are favouring instead of more traditional options. It is so sustainable that did you know, not only are no trees are felled in the production of cork. It’s actually a crime to cut down a cork oak tree in Portugal except for essential thinning or the removal of non-productive trees! The process of stripping a cork oak of its bark also enhances the trees ability to absorb carbon dioxide.

As well as being one of the most eco-friendly material options available cork is also a great choice for feature walls for many reasons. Acoustic properties, inherently fire retardant, water resistant, hypoallergenic, and lightweight to name a few. It’s a brilliant material that brings texture and warmth to any space.

A waiting room with black sofas. Behind the sofas is an eye-catching striped 3d cork wall panels of alternating cork colours.

Natura Cork: Zebra Panels

Cork wall panels are a great way to add style and personality to your home, office, or interior. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and stylish way to make your space stand out, cork walls are a great option!

Cork from its early days has come a long way. Now its earned its spot as a firm favourite amongst designers and interior enthusiasts. Cork has developed into a brilliant material. It can create a stylish cosy interior without a pinboard or orange cork floor in sight!

A very stylish trendy bar in a brown colour palette. The bar front and walls are clad in the cork

Gencork: Corkmetamorph Panels

Cork Panel Ranges


Magna Natura  Gencork  Muratto

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