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A concrete wall is a popular look at the moment for adding industrial charm to an interior. With its raw appeal what’s not to love? It’s so versitale. Depending on the finish of the concrete you can create a distressed industrial look that we have found works stunning in restaurants and bars, or a sleek modern simple design ideal for homes and offices.

For those after a faux concrete wall panel for their interior, we currently offer 3 options. Soon to be four.

1. Industrial Themed Wall Panels

Key Features: XL size, highly realistic, extra strong, distressed concrete look.

A large scale faux concrete wall panel option approximately 3.2 x 1.5 metres in size depending on the design chosen.  These panels are indistinguishable from real concrete walls and match them in terms of strength. Highly realistic, water resistant, fire rated, extra strong panels that can be installed at rapid speed. Due to the size of these panels we require special delivery of the panels.

Several different concrete designs are available in this range and they are all perfect for a distressed highly realistic concrete look.

Find out more about Faux Industrial Wall Panels.

2. Concrete Effect SPC Surfaces

Key Features: Modern concrete tile look, budget friendly alternative, waterproof, easy to clean

Whilst not as realistic as the above these panels offer a fresh concrete effect look that is completely waterproof. Whilst perfectly suited to living rooms and kitchens, you can use these panels in bathroom showers and wet-rooms if you wanted. The panels are lightweight and can be installed on top of tiles making them an ideal DIY solution for a concrete effect wall.

Find out more about SPC Concrete Effect Wall Panels.

3. Concrete Effect Pattern Panels

Key Features: Waterproof, easy to clean, simple to install, distressed and fresh concrete wall designs.

Like the SPC panels the pattern panels are also waterproof. There is several concrete and stone designs available in this range.

Find out more about Concrete Effect Pattern Panels.

4. Concrete Flex Coming Soon

Our concrete flex panels we offered last year should soon be coming into production. We will keep you posted once they are back on the market. Sign up to our newsletter for all the latest updates, offers and news on our Designer Wall Products.