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Our Smart Panels range offers a beautiful selection realistic of faux marble wall panel designs which are made bespoke to your measurements. Each panel is made by a team of designers in Italy who ensure each design is resized and presented perfectly for your specified dimensions. The panels are highly realistic and unlike real marble are lightweight. low maintenance and easy to install.

Browse our selection of marble panels available below and contact us for a quote based on your dimensions.

Realistic Luxury Faux Marble Choices

1. Hiva

A beige and gold looking marble wall design within a luxury bathroom.

All of our Smart panels are available in a glossy or matt finish, for marble looks we highly recommend the glossy finish for a realistic polished marble look.

2. Alabastro

A stylish office in a neutral colour scheme. The walls are decorated in the Smart Panels in the Alabaster design and lit with led lighting around the edges. This design is a warm brown marble effect.

The Smart panels are bespoke made to your dimensions so awkward shapes are not a problem. There is also zero wastage and requires no or minimum cutting. 

3. Sahara Noir

A high-end bathroom design where the wall behind the double basin in clad with the black marble wall panel design.

The Sahara Noir is a great black marble option with white veins running throughout. In the image above it’s been paired with white marble detailing on the drawers to lighten the look.

4. Paonazzo

A living room where the main focus is the white marble effect wall panels. The white marble has veins of grey and gold running through the design.

All of our marble designs are printed onto lightweight Smart Panels which are extremely easy to handle. The faux marble wall panels arrive rolled up and can be installed by one person.

5. Emperador

A glossy brown marble wall design in a stylish bedroom

As an alternative to white marble, the luxury Emperador marble design is a bronze-toned faux marble created to suit even the most sophisticated environments with its regal design.

6. Calcatta Gold

A white marble wall with grey marble veins. the wall is next to a pool.

All of these panels shown are completely waterproof so the marble being in a bathroom or near a pool like this wouldn’t be a problem. Simply tell us if your panels are going to be near water so we can provide the correct adhesives.

7. Alabescato

A whiter and grey marble wall in an interior behind a purple sofa.

One benefit over real marble or faux marble tiles is that our Smart Panels are very flexible. They are easily applied to curved walls, like the one the Alabescato is shown applied on above.

8. Orleans

A mixed colour marble wall panel. Each colour of marble is a different shape on the walls.

Orleans is an unusual design in that it features 4 precious different colour marbles in geometric shapes. This look would be particularly difficult to create from real marble.

9. Elisir

A white extremely veiny marble wall panel with black veins. The wall panels have been installed within a wet room.

The Smart Panels work well in many settings from wet rooms to kitchen splashbacks to feature walls within hotels. Marble has the ability to fit with most interiors and colour schemes.

10. Statuario

A classic white marble wall on a moving wall in an open plan office.

Unlike marble tiles, each marble ‘slab’ can be a maximum of 300 x 150cm. Anything over this measurement is carefully thought out to provide the most visually appealing design that best suits your size. For example, if you needed more than one slab each slab would be arranged so they are the same measurements, preventing you from having a slab and a bit. In our opinion, these faux marble panels are better than the real thing. 


Find out more about Smart Panels

For a quote on one of the above panels, contact us with the wall/surface dimensions you wish to cover and a postcode.  

Any questions about our marble Smart Panels please feel free to ask.