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Panel Of The Month (POTM):

New Manchester Faux Red Brick Panels


The Faux Brick New Manchester design 309 red brick panels to be exact is our July panel of the month.

Our Faux Brick wall panels have always been a top choice of ours. Without bragging we can with confidence safely say we believe they are the best faux brick available and we have seen a lot.

Here’s why we think that.

Indistinguishable From Real Brick

Firstly it’s virtually impossible to tell they are not real, they are designed to be indistinguishable from real bricks. This is extremely important to us as there is nothing worse than going through the effort of installing the wall panels and then being confronted with visible joints – once you notice them you can’t not notice them. They will forever draw your attention and frustrate you.

With our faux bricks you don’t get that problem. This is due to the XL size of 3.3m Long x 1.3 High (approx average size depending on the design), the clever designs, and the touch-up paint provided to conceal any visible joints and screw holes. The panels are also finished with real brick fragments in the paint finish to provide a realistic result, no cheap shiny bricks here.

Close up of a red faux brick panel

One of the 309 New Manchester Faux Brick panels

Quick Installation

Secondly, the extra large size has another advantage. It allows for a very quick installation, with no nightmare jigsaw puzzle of dozens of bricks to assemble that can happen with smaller panels. They can also be installed by just one person. All you need is some confidence and experience with Diy (or a trusted tradesperson, if unsure), along with a cutting tool such as a rotary saw, a drill, screws, and a suitable wall. Should you need further guidance during the installation process, Gary is happy to talk you through installation beforehand.

Indestructible Panels

Thirdly our faux brick panels are virtually indestructible. In fact, we are so confident in their exceptional strength that we often challenge people at trade shows to stand directly on our panels! Lastly not only are they strong they are also water-resistant and fire rated.

Why The New Manchester 309 Design?

So why have we picked our New Manchester 309 design as the wall panel of the month? The New Manchester range is one we designed ourselves by looking at real UK brick walls in Manchester. These panels can fit in with any brick wall, especially in the North West, they are often used by set designers for this reason. And we also love a good classic red brick! The colour of the 309 and 310 panels are spot on for a typical red brick wall.

We have recently started stocking the 309 (and 310) brick panels within our warehouse so we can now deliver these particular panels within a week, perfect for projects with a quick turn-around.

A client image sent in of their kitchen with the red faux brick New Manchester 310 panels on a wall behind their kitchen cabinets.

A New Manchester 309 red brick panel installed in a clients kitchen

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