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It’s practical in that it hides wires, and a visually pleasing way in providing a seamless well thought-out transition between the floor and the walls. Without skirting a room may appear unfinished. With so much choice though, how do you possibly choose which one to use? It might look like a minefield but there’s no rules really. Below however are a few tips to help you confidently select the right one for your interior.

Proportion Adds Balance To A Room

Pairing Skirting Boards With Coving

As a general guide for success with skirting and coving, the coving should typically always be larger in size than the skirting boards used. Also consider using a similar style. If a traditional style ornate skirting is used then a modern sleek skirting would look out of place.

Height Of The Skirting Boards

You can choose to match the height and size with each room’s proportions. Taller rooms often call for taller skirting. If unsure on the height of the skirting boards, aim for around 1/18 the height of your room. This isn’t a ‘rule’ however as oversized skirting can look very effective.

Large flat rectangular skirting boards.

Tall skirting boards for a tall room

Same Style For A Consistent Look

To create a consistent design throughout a home, you can use the same style of skirting in each room. For example if you have used a modern stepped skirting in the living room, a similar contemporary design could be used throughout the home rather than introducing a new style such as a traditional curved style.

A lady holding a small sample of the stepped SK181 skirting board up against a light pink wall which has the skirting boards installed

If the skirting doesn’t match the door frame, don’t worry. Adding a foot at the junction of the skirting at the door fame is an aesthetic way to combine the two.

A foot added to a junction on a skirting boardWhat Colour To Choose?

A nice crisp white skirting board can be a great classic looking choice, don’t feel that your skirting has to be white!

A darker skirting makes everything above feel lighter and airer, to give a skirting more weight try painting is at least 3 tones darker than the wall.

A black skirting board installed on a white minimal wallTo enlarge a small room, try painting the wall and skirting boards the same colour. Doing this is a visual trick to make a room seem larger than it is.

A contemporary stepped skirting board painted blue to match the wall.

Matching the skirting boards to the wall

Expert Tips

Extra Large Skirting Boards

How about elevated skirting?  This is raised skirting that mixes a few different elements such as wall moulding with a skirting to create a luxurious extra large skirting.

Light It Up

Lastly don’t forget about LED lighting! LED skirting can be a next level type of skirting ideal for rooms where an ambiance is created, perhaps surrounding a media wall. As well as normal skirting boards we have a selection of LED ones available in which the light does not penetrate through the moulding due to LightGuard technology.

LED lit up skirting boards in a small green room


Find Out More

All of the skirting boards shown are part of our skirting range , we also have a selection of clever LED skirtings in which you can pair with LED lighting. For more information or queries please contact us.