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This month’s product of the month is our Aqua Slats in the Medio design and grey oak finish.

Photo of Designer Walls showroom display of the Aqua Slats in Grey Oak. The panels are installed in a bathroom environment.

This specific slat design and colour has quickly become a favourite popular choice among local customers. Those who have personally seen the panel at our showroom. They have recognised its suitability for their interior and have loved the look, colour and design possibilities.

Over the past month, as well as supplying across the country we have also installed this particular combination of the aqua slat panel in a media wall, kitchen, and a downstairs cloakroom. Each resulting in stunning transformations.

A media wall with a TV central on a black marble wall with slats framing each side of the marble centre. Underneath the tv is an electric fire and ornamental logs.What Makes This Particular Panel In Such High Demand?

Aqua slats themselves are an excellent option for slatted walls and no not just for bathrooms. Don’t let the name ‘Aqua’ Slat fool you, these panels enhance all interior spaces. To pick out some of the great qualities the panels have are excellent in quality, lightweight, easy to clean, and feature scratch shield technology for maximum surface hardening and durability.

The most requested of the Aqua Slat designs is the Medio design which is where the wood effect slat in the lovely realistic grey oak finish is thick with a thinner black recess. We have found the grey oak to pair well with most interiors as it works well with a wide range of our clients’ interior colour schemes.

5 faux wood colour choices for the Aqua Slats.

Some of our most recent clients have shared their feedback on why they love the panels. One client stated it was seeing the quality in person that convinced them it was the choice for them. They had previously seen acoustic slats elsewhere and whilst from a distance they looked nice, up close the quality was lacking and they would be an unhygienic choice for their kitchen. Another client loved the grey wood effect as it blended in beautifully with their home furniture. A third found them to be a stylish quick and simple update to transform their home in less than a day.

Finished slatted wooden wall with a round mirror and wall mounted basin in front.

Love the look of the Aqua Slat panel? Contact us for a no obligation quote. All we need is your wall dimensions and a postcode.