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Bricks Most Loved By Our Clients

We have so many choices on our Faux Brick range. Here are our top 5 brick effect wall panels which are our most ordered and therefore most often in stock here in the UK.

We find our red bricks and white painted bricks to be our most popular with our clients. Most likely these are the colours you would come across within towns and cities within the UK as opposed to greys and mixed colours, which are more area based – for example the grey bricks would be more commonly seen around London.

Our brick effect wall panels have often been used in offices, film sets, restaurants, homes and more. They are so realistic, we have had one installed next to a real brick wall and it was impossible to tell with was the fake.

Remember though these panels work well on larger walls due to the dimensions which are approximately 3.3m x 1.3m! The size means they cuts down on manual costs, imagine installing 2 of these panels in comparison to 50 (lesser in quality) smaller faux brick panels.

A white brick wall with wall art attached.

More Details on The Faux Brick Range

New Manchester Faux Brick

The style of the New Manchester brick wall panels are based up on bricks found in Manchester. We had taken photos of bricks in a building site in Stretford in which the New Manchester panel was as a result developed from.

The faux brick shown is based on an English Bond wall. This is a row of a stretcher bond (long face of the brick) followed by 1 row of a header bond (square face of the brick).  This is one of the most common bonds used wall construction therefore creating a realistic wall which is hard to distinguish from real brick walls.

Panel Dimensions: W3.2m x H1.27m (4.06 sqm)

1. Design 304

A classic white painted wall design. We once had a client have a graffiti artist apply graffiti to their white walls, it looked amazing!

Stocked for quick delivery.

Close up of a large white faux brick panel

304 Brick Panel

2. Design 309

Virtual sample: 309

Stocked for quick delivery.

Close up of a red faux brick panel

309 Brick Panel

3. Design 310

A slightly darker variant of the 309.

Stocked for quick delivery.

Heritage Faux Brick

A more rustic form of brick than the New Manchester, the bonding is more random too. This brick if it was real would be a weather brick wall that has aged over time.

4. Design 261

Virtual Sample: 261

A white realistic brick effect wall panel in a retail store.

261 Brick Panel

5. Design 263

Virtual Sample: 263

A red brick effect wall panel is shown here with a large clock on the wall and industrial style ceiling light fitting.

263 Brick Panel

These are our top 5 but make sure you check out our full collection before making a decision for your project.

More Details On The Faux Brick Range