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And why choose Smart Panels as your marble option

 Real marble is beautiful and long-lasting. Few materials create the feeling of luxury more than marble. Whilst elegant it has several drawbacks in its practicality. As a result faux marble walls are becoming increasingly popular. Our Smart Panel marble options are a great alternative that looks just like real marble. 

Here are some issues with real marble, and how faux marble Smart Panels resolve them.

5 Issues With Using Real Marble In Interiors

1. Sustainability

One drawback is the sustainability of real marble. Whilst yes it is a natural stone, that does not make it an environmentally friendly option. Marble quarries can be damaging to the local environment. Stephen Marshak, professor emeritus of geology explains in this article on the sustainability of marble, that digging a quarry means the original land will disappear being replaced with a hole in the ground which would be difficult to reforest as dust from marble mining contaminates the soil. Although faux marble Smart Panels are not what we would class as environmentally friendly, they have a much lesser impact on the environment. Since they are made to measure, there is no waste, and they are lightweight, making delivery more environmentally friendly.

Showing a real marble quarry and the crater left from mining marble.

Real marble quarry

2. Difficult To install

Real marble is very heavy, very expensive and difficult to install. In addition, lifting the stone requires a lot of labor. Without a doubt installing faux marble is much easier. Installing also requires few tools and no scaffolding or tile installation experience. It can be a one-person install project and there’s no issue with delivering to places such as high-rise buildings.

3. Higher Cost

Creating a faux marble Smart Panel wall is much more affordable than installing real marble! Depending on the project we estimate real marble to be 10 times more expensive. Whilst there is cheaper faux marble option available such as marble veneers, the quality is reflected in the price.

4. Difficult To Maintain

A real marble wall is difficult to clean. In contrast to clean your faux marble Smart Panel all you need is a damp cloth. Plus, unlike real marble there is no periodic polishing to faux marble to keep its appearance. 

5. Staining And cracking

Faux marble Smart Panels won’t crack or stain like traditional marble does when exposed to water, heat, and oil. In fact, our panels are entirely waterproof and can be applied in wetrooms and bathrooms, something which many faux panels cannot be.

What Faux Marble Options Can We Offer?

We have two Faux marble product types we can offer you.

The first is our luxury highly realistic faux marble Smart Panels that have been developed to tackle the limitations of marble ensuring it’s suitable for all interiors. Faux marble will allow you to have the same luxurious feel at a lower cost with an easy installation process.

Although there are many faux marble options available on the market, we strongly believe our Smart Panel Faux marbles to be one of the most realistic – and it has many bonuses too. 

Our Smart Panels are available in 100s of different designs, but the faux marble panel designs available is actually is one of the reasons we added Smart Panels to our panel range. (Only the best make the cut you know!). The panels are made to perfection in Italy by a team of designers who have studied real marble and recreate it in their made-to-measure panels. Our Faux marble option unlike faux marble tiles can offer ‘slabs’ up to 150cm x 300cm! 

A white marble wall next to a pool. This is one of our Smart Panels, not real marble

Faux Marble Smart Panel – Calacatta Gold Design

Whilst our Smart Panel range of faux marbles are our luxury most realistic made to measure marble panels, we also offer a budget friendly option called our SPC marble panel range. There is less options to chose from in terms of design and the sizing is a standard 120m x 60cm but the pricing is very competitive.

A bathroom with white marble effect panels on the basin wall, and black marble effect panels on the shower wall.

SPC panels, black and white marble options

These are just some of the reasons why we believe our faux marble panels beat the real thing.

See Our Marble Options 

Our lightweight faux marble option makes it an affordable, easy-to-install one-person installation alternative, that mimics the look and feel of natural marble. See our top 10 Faux Marble options or browse our full collection of Smart Panels and find out more about the properties. Alternately see our SPC marble panels available.

Any questions about our faux marble panels please feel free to ask.

A living room where the main focus is the white marble effect wall panels. The white marble has veins of grey and gold running through the design.

Faux Marble Smart Panel – Paonazzo Design