Prorac 3D Wall Panels To Create Unique Spaces

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3D wall panels to create unique spaces

3D wall panels with repetitive design to add style and dimension to your space. The wall coverings are easy to install and are made from sustainable materials.


Play around with the different shapes, create unique layouts and use fun colour accents as a finishing touch.


3D wall panelling that is quick to install.


Paintable. They already have a white primer layer so you can paint over immediately.



Made from high quality polyurethane which is extremely lightweight.


Products brought to you by experts in Orac. Gary and Wayne are of a handful of certified Orac installers within the UK. We can help advise on queries on your project or install locally.

    1 -2 weeks

3D Panel Shapes

Envelope & Circle 3D Wall Panels

Circle: L33.3cm x H2.9cm x W33.3cm  Envelope: L33.3 x H2.9 x W33.3cm
Envelope and Circle can be used separately or combined.

Bar 3D & XL Bar Panels

L200cm x H25cm x W2cm | Flexible wall panels option available.

Ridge 3D Wall Panels

L200cm x H25cm x W1.9cm

Cobble 3D Panels

L200cm x H25cm x W2.2cm

Zigzag Wall Panel

L200cm x H25cm x W1.8cm | Flexible wall panels option available.

Hill Wall Panel

L200xm x H25cm x W1.6cm | Flexible wall panels option available.

Valley Wall Panel

L200cm x H25cm x W1.3cm | Flexible wall panels option available.

Valley Loop Wall Panel

L200cm x H25cm x W1.2cm. Pairs well with the above Valley panel.

Trapezium & Rombus Wall Panel

Trapezium: L15cm x H2.9cm x W34.5cm Rombus: L15cm x H2.9cm x W25.8cm

Chevron Wall Panel

L200cm x H40cm x W2cm

Mouldings, Coving and Skirtings

Wall Moulding

Create classic panelling with Orac wall moulding. Choose coving choices from classic, decorative, contemporary and minimalistic styles. And add the finishing touch and hide any cables with stylish skirting boards. We have a wide selection of Orac Mouldings, Covings and Skirting Boards to choose from.

We have a sample below but find our complete collection here.

Local Installation

Local installation
available on
Orac products

We can either supply the Orac panels across the UK, or we can also offer a supply and install device within a 50 mile radius of Bolton dependent on the project. Areas include Lancashire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and the Fylde Coast. Please enquire for installation which would either be in-house by Orac certified installers Gary and/or Wayne or by Designer Walls trusted and recommended installers.


Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to find out more about a product, or request a quote or discuss your project.

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