Quiet Space Acoustic Air: Office Solutions for Ceilings, Glass and Partitions

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Acoustic office solutions creating a comfortable working environment

Over 56 colour options available in each of the Quiet Space Acoustic Air: Glass, Partition and Ceiling products. These colours can be mixed and matched to suit your style and branding. These products provide great acoustic properties particularly in busy areas with open spaces such as offices. As an added bonus Glass and Partition products offer privacy.

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Acoustic Glass

Uses: Acoustic Air Glass significantly improves the acoustics in glass conference rooms or offices where windows occupy large surfaces.
Benefits: Acoustic glass helps with providing privacy, reducing echo and absorbing sound. These panels have a suction cup mounting system for glass surface application and lacquered MDF commonly found in office furniture.
Sound rating: 0.80 | Sound absorption class: B | Material: Thick Polyurethane foam secured onto Płyta MDF

Acoustic Air Partitions

Benefits: The Air Dividers effectively absorb sound, divide space visually helping with distancing and offer a unique decorative element. The Air Dividers can be mobile thanks to a specially selected rail.
Sound rating: 0.80 | Sound absorption class: B | Material: Thick Polyurethane foam applied to a Strap and snap rivets mounting system

Acoustic Ceilings

Uses: Ideal in spaces such as open space offices, wide corridors, and spacious halls.
Benefits: Overhead panels are a great alternative to acoustic wall panels in large open spaces.
Sound rating: 0.60 | Sound absorption class: C | Material: High density glass wool panel secured with glass fibre


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