Skandi Style Hardwood Panels By Finium

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Beautiful contemporary real wood wall panels from Canada

Contemporary Scandinavian style wood wall panels by Finium. Eye-catching combinations of lines exposed by a meticulous finish. Each of these panels has a  U.V. varnish 10% gloss, low VOC and antimicrobial protection. See our traditional range of Finium wood wall panelling options.


Finium is part of the One Tree Planted Foundation. Therefore they are committed to making monthly donations and planting a tree for each order they ship.


At every step of their manufacturing process, they do their best to optimise the use of wood. Such as no part of the tree is wasted, and all the production residues are processed and reused.


The trees are from sustainably managed forests.


100% of the varnishes and oils they use are continuously recycled and reused throughout the production cycle.


They use post-industrial wood waste in their manufacturing process.


Low VOC natural oil and solvent-free 100% solids UV coating.


The objective of Finium is to become known as an eco-responsible manufacturer of wall panels which are made primarily from Canadian Hardwoods. So how is this achieved? Finium hardwood wall panels are made from carefully selected hardwood sources. They also use waste hardwood from selected responsible industry partners, creating stunning 3D and 2D pre-finished panels from a natural product.

They are meticulous. Finium inspecting every shipment of quality wood before production and wood moisture content is measured.  Boards are accurately measured before being cut into planks of varying widths. They then follow a carefully controlled sanding process that produces a flawless look and feel.

Whilst assembling the panels, no detail is overlooked in the inspection process. From the individual planks, the spacing between plank and even the exact amount of adhesive. Because of this meticulous assembly, it allows the wood to expand naturally without affecting the appearance of the finished product.

Finium are true mixologists when it comes to creating and perfecting colour stains for their products. They then only use 100% natural oils and solvent-free 100% solids UV coatings.

    4 – 6 weeks | 1 -2 weeks if stock is available here on our online shop

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Delivery <1 Week: Vogh, Skwair and Mod

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Finium Skandi Contemporary Wall Panels

Vogh Wooden Wall Panels

Walnut wood veneer

Skwair Wooden Wall Panels

Walnut wood veneer

Mod Wooden Wall Panels

Walnut wood veneer

Kyoob Wooden Wall Panels

White Oak wood veneer

Silekt Wooden Wall Panels

Available in White Oak and Walnut wood veneer

Sheek Wooden Wall Panels

Birch wood veneer

Specifik Wooden Wall Panels

Available in White Oak and Walnut wood veneer

Hexo Wooden Wall Panels

Available in White Oak and Walnut wood veneer

Konnect Wooden Wall Panels

Available in White Oak and Walnut wood veneer

Vizion Wooden Wall Panels

Available in White Oak and Walnut wood veneer

Oktav Acoustic Wooden Wall Panels  

An acoustic wall design with stone wool to help with sound within an interior. Acoustic (NRC): 0.6 | Fire Rating: Class A


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