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With a 30-year-plus background in bathrooms, we specialise in Artweger accessible bathing solutions.

Supplying and retrofitting Artwegers stylish accessible bathing across Greater Manchester and Lancashire. Not within our area for fitting? We can still supply across the UK.

We have always had our roots within bathroom design with over 30 years of experience, accessible bathing being a specialty of ours. We believe everyone should be able to have a beautiful home design that is perfectly suited to them – regardless of dodgy hips and knees! Why should an accessible bathroom be clinical, ugly?

Like our wall design our accessible bathroom design focuses only on the highest quality. Our accessible bathing solutions are by Artweger, as we have found them to be one of the best brands available for walk-in shower baths. From our experience, nothing compares to the stylish Artweger bathrooms.

Artweger TwinLine 2

The Twinline 2 offers an accessible bathing option with easy entry and exit. Artweger is the most prestigous brand for accessible bathing with all products made to perfection.

Key Points

• Filling the bath is only possible once the door is locked.
• You don’t need to renovate your whole bathroom as add an Artweger, the conventional sizes it is available in means a simple swapping of the baths can be done.
• Complete watertightness of the door.
• Easy cleaning, with even the smallest details thought out for ease of use. For example the hinges are on the outside so the inside remains completely smooth.
• Optional backrest and tub corner seat available.
• Option upon enquiry to order a Twinline 2 bath with hidden Artlift (see below) elements to adapt to in the future.

Artweger Artlift: The Next Step (Or Seat)

An animation showing the steps of using the accessible bath. You open the glass door to enter the bath, close the door, sit on the seat, fill the bath then lower the seat into the water and relax.


We also offer the ARTLIFT version of the Twinline 2 bath. This bathing option has a state of the art seat to lower and lift you in and out of the bath with the touch of a button.  ARTLIFT combines the advantages of the unique shower bath with a comfortable seat lift. When the seat is up (before lowering) it is vertical to make sitting easier, when the seat has been lowered the backrest automatically adjusts to a comfortable reclining position.

Artweger Walk In Bath and Surround Panel Options

Our SPC panels (options shown below) can be used on and around your Artweger walk-in bath, these are our most popular option for pairing with your Artweger for stylish accessible bathing. Another option is our Pattern Panels which includes a variety of stones, woods and pattern design choices. For luxury made to measure panels, there is also our Smart Panels. There’s 100s of design choices!

For more information please see our Artweger catalogue and discuss with Gary.


Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to find out more about a product, or request a quote or discuss your project.

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